When I first got the watch, I was surprised by its beauty, which once again proves that sapphire blue is so good that it is a very well made copy. With this enamel, you can see that champagne is also one of the main ingredients. The color is the same as the original model. The “symbols” of the clock shown in gold, and the hands and hours covered in elegant lines in the center. The word “Rolek” is embedded in the interior decoration, as you may know, which is one of the features of Rolek’s reality. And his golden cousin is on. Turn left and have 120 clicks to create full circles. It is a Rolek Dayton version, and we can buy it for only $ 100.
The other hand cries easily, and the clock is very accurate. I still can’t complain.
What strikes me the most is one thing – the color and color of the belt, unlike anything I have experienced before, and although I wear this show for almost three weeks every day, the watch is new and goes on. When I asked the jewelry store to sell this group, he did not see it as a copy and was surprised that I did not arrive at the Rolek store.